Tuesday, July 07, 2009

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He seems to be worked up pretty good and I place a hand on his arm.

He smiles. "Sorry, I get so upset I could . . . but this greed, I hate it. "

I tell him I understand and say, "My book Time&Chance touches on the subject of greed, you know Thomas Wolfe wrote about it in You Can't Go Home Again."

He looked at me for more than a moment, then began: "I’ve read Wolfe, ‘I think the enemy is old as time and evil as hell . . .has been there with us from the beginning . . . stole our earth . . . destroyed our wealth . . . ravaged and land . . . took our people and enslaved them . . . polluted the fountains or our life, took unto himself . . . our own passion . . . our bread and left us with a crust, and, not content, for the nature of the enemy is insatiate--tried finally to take from us the crust. I think the enemy is single selfishness and compulsive greed. I think the enemy is blind, but has the brutal power of his blind grab.’"

I’m beyond impressed but won’t tell him that. "That says it all."

Then we talk. He says when you get to be over a certain age you start appreciating time more.


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