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OBSERVATION: In one of the aquariums we observed a decrease in movement of some common but abundant species. This became aggravated to the point where some of these common species began to die.

QUESTION: What was the cause of death of some of these common species? One hypotheses is this:

HYPOTHESIS: The common species were poisoned by some kind of DNA chemical product (MORE) produced by a small but dominate species swimming in the water.


As you worm your way through problems in human history, you most often come to the cause of common species death–MORE. More money/gold/land/power/slaves, etc. The second thing you discover in the historical investigation is that in most cases the cause of MORE is a male, usually white.

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Time and Chance

By: G.L. Rockey

TV-12 News Director Jack Carr has lived in a bottle since the loss of his beloved wife to cancer. On the other hand, just about any kind of medication is needed for him to deal with the dysfunctional mess that is Channel 12 under the management of Berry Frazer, who inherited his father's small broadcast empire but not his father's talent for running it. One of Jack's favorite hangouts is the Nashville nightclub Felix the Cat, owned by a twisted albino thug named Mike 'Snakebite' Walker. Since life is pretty much over for Jack, he has no problem falling into a torrid affair with Snakebite's 'main squeeze,' a slightly over the hill country singer. Pushing boundaries has become his reason for existing. It's at Felix the Cat he discovers a tall, gorgeous 'Kitten' named Gillian, and suddenly life isn't so dark. But Gillian harbors a secret, one that's tied in with an investigation Jack and his ace reporter Sago Yu are doing on a rash of disappearances of young women. She's an undercover agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), and before all the mysteries are solved she and Jack will risk their growing attraction ending in disaster.

Review by Bobbie Sue
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REVIEW - Truths of the Heart

Another smashing review . . .

Truths of the Heart

By G.L. Rockey

Anaphora Literary Press


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars

The cover of Truths of the Heart is from Picasso’s Blue period – a 1903 painting of The Old Guitarist. This painting, considered an allegory of human existence, is a most appropriate cover for the story Rockey presents. Picasso painted The Old Guitarist during a struggling time in the young artist’s life. There is a darkness in the painting, but the white coloring of the guitarist’s face especially hints at a self-sustaining strength that keeps one true to oneself, whatever the cost.

The protagonist, Professor Rachelle Zannes, grabs the reader right away in the prologue. It is January where she is making a presentation to the members of the Communication Department of Michigan State University. She proposes a graduate course in moral examination for the next fall semester

“To sum up, Alexandra York seems to say it best: ‘New questions arise. Is this idea true? How is truth determined? Is it relevant to all human beings or just a few? Or only me?’”

Readers begin chapter one with Rachelle eight months later, and begin to know and care about Rachelle, past her professional in-control persona, as she ponders her upcoming marriage to Carl Bostich, a possessive former football star, now a sport’s radio announcer. Later readers meet Seth Trudow, an art student taking the new course Rachelle is giving, and learn of his involvement with the possessive Laura Toth. There are times of darkness in the story, but also times of self-sustaining truth.

Rockey tells a passionate story in a down-to-earth manner that engulfs the reader to continue on the journey, hungry for more with the turning of every page. His book may contain deep universal human themes, but his characters are very real people, their conversations and actions akin to people readers may know, and the story one, that although it may be read quickly, readers will not quickly forget.

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New release 4/15/11


Rockey - Press Release

Sunday, November 14, 2010


From the Back of the House
By Gary L. Rockey
Heritage Books
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
An explanation of the title of this book of memories of the family behind Jim’s Steak House, a landmark restaurant in the Cleveland Flats section of Ohio, comes on page one, giving an immediate insight of its offerings.  Restaurant people call the main dining area and other places open to the public the front of the house.  They call the kitchen, open only to the staff and manager, the back of the house.  It is the back of the house, the behind-the-scene view of both this restaurant and family, that the author shares, both from historical research of the restaurant and from his personal experience as the adopted son from the age of ten of Raymond Rockey, living in the apartment above Jim’s.
Giving a comprehensive and fascinating history of Jim’s Steak House, Rockey tells it in an interesting “back of the house” way, making the reader an insider learning what was never on display in the “front of the house,” strengthening the book by this approach.  
More than just a history of the famous Cleveland Flats restaurant, this book is a family history that probes into the people associated with the restaurant.  Menus, reviews and articles enhance the telling of the restaurant’s history, with photographs that give the reader a peek not only at the restaurant, but at the people in the family.  At the end a diner’s trivia test, Jim’s recipes, and the restaurant’s historical time line from before the first Jim’s opened in 1930 to that December in 1996 when Jim’s closed, add to the book.
Overall these memories of a Steak House Clan gives readers a most interesting experience as they come to care about the family, especially “my boy’s” (Raymond Rockey’s) care of “baby” (Jim’s Steak House.)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Reviewed by Sally Painter
“Like most authors, I read a lot and it is rare to find an author who can just pull me in as a reader and make me forget all else. G.L. Rockey is one such author. In his latest book, TRUTHS OF THE HEART, I was immediately drawn into his story.
The cast of characters begin with Dr. Rachelle Zannes, gorgeous literature professor, her fiancé, ex football star now sports radio celebrity, Carl Bostich and Rachelle’s new student, every woman’s dream of a sensitive, talented, good sense of humor, intelligent, and oh so sexy man, Seth Trudow. Mix together and you get just the beginnings of what is a very complex and interwoven story that makes the reader think, what if.
What if Rachelle had met Seth before she’d married Carl? What if Seth had never met his crazy (and that is literally insane), gal pal artist, Laura Toth? What if Carl had never been injured and had continued to play football? The pinpoints of choices and life’s circumstances that could have taken these people down different paths is infinite.
Is there such a thing as destiny? Would different choices have made for different end results? Or were these people destined to play out their parts regardless of their choices, right or wrong? TRUTHS OF THE HEART follows these unique (and quite a few quirky) characters as fellow travelers. Each person’s life and choices affects someone else and eventually it all has a domino effect depending on how close one person is to another. Some fall while others merely sway, stagger and then recover.
This reader was left pondering the eternal question, is there such a thing as destiny? Are we pulled along life’s course under the illusion that we are making choices, when the truth is regardless what we choose; it still ends up the same? Clearly, some of Rachelle’s choices simply lead her deeper and deeper down a dark path that she is too blinded by denial to recognize until it’s too late. Her heart longs to abandon her choices, yet, she has bound herself by the simple act of making them. She and those traveling with her are swept away by the eternal plan set in motion by all of their choices. Sometimes not choosing is the biggest choice made.
Warning – This is not a book for the faint hearted. It is a close examination of the two faces most people wear. The one shown to the world and the one revealed in private. Sometimes the private one is better. Many times it is uglier. It soon becomes clear that most of the characters in this book are all headed on a collision course. What remains to be seen is who will survive the crash?
Sexuality is the other common thread running through the book connecting all these characters. Some in obvious direct ways, while others because of the acts done in private away from them. Again, not for the faint of heart. A powerful revelation that most people do not really know the people they work with, attend college with and in some cases, live with. There are those pretending to be sane to the outside world, while in private, their insanity has leaked out disguising itself as an expression of art. And is it merely art imitating life?
It’s not surprising with all the deceit, perversions and lies, that most of the plans go awry and for some murder is the end result. Nothing about this story is simple and the characters who survive do so almost as a rite of passage. They survive the choices of others.
G.L. Rockey is a gifted story teller who leads the reader through the ruins of human lives so often portrayed as perfect and ideal but upon further examination, reveals a collage of failures, disappointments, phobias, love, hopes, and dreams. It is a colorful tapestry of the human condition, reminding us that nothing is as it seems and everyone has many many sides.”

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Romantically pursued by a young female co-worked, the crusty owner of a big town weekly newspaper receives a mysterious tipoff that leads to the uncovering of a sinister plot by the sitting President of the United States. The President’s media guru stages a brutal police rape and has it video taped. The tape delivered to a local TV station as a news story, the President’s plan is to create mayhem so he can “under God” declare martial law, stage a coup, and begin a new world order.

* from Zumaya to be re-released April 30, 2010 as REDACTED!

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