Friday, July 06, 2012

Time and Chance

By: G.L. Rockey

TV-12 News Director Jack Carr has lived in a bottle since the loss of his beloved wife to cancer. On the other hand, just about any kind of medication is needed for him to deal with the dysfunctional mess that is Channel 12 under the management of Berry Frazer, who inherited his father's small broadcast empire but not his father's talent for running it. One of Jack's favorite hangouts is the Nashville nightclub Felix the Cat, owned by a twisted albino thug named Mike 'Snakebite' Walker. Since life is pretty much over for Jack, he has no problem falling into a torrid affair with Snakebite's 'main squeeze,' a slightly over the hill country singer. Pushing boundaries has become his reason for existing. It's at Felix the Cat he discovers a tall, gorgeous 'Kitten' named Gillian, and suddenly life isn't so dark. But Gillian harbors a secret, one that's tied in with an investigation Jack and his ace reporter Sago Yu are doing on a rash of disappearances of young women. She's an undercover agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), and before all the mysteries are solved she and Jack will risk their growing attraction ending in disaster.

Review by Bobbie Sue
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